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Delivery: 3 months (aprox.) – February 2018

Payment Options:

* We will provide a shipping calculation to the shipping country when placing the order.

* The shipping calculation is for 1 Pack only, for every additional battery a surcharge will be applied.

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Credit Card

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1 Year Warranty (Only for EU customers).

All sales are final. Once the order is placed, the customer won’t be able to cancel or ask for a refund.


*Customs taxes are responsibility of the buyer.

*The shipping & handling will be calculated and paid before the shipping of the products to assure best quote possible. We will provide an estimate at the time of placing the order.

*A slight delivery delay may occur if production/logistics unexpected delays happen.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life for both models?

The batteries on Carver and Manta are the same, but due to the power difference between the two models, they have a different duration depending on the board that is used.

Carver: 20 minutes going full thrust the whole ride. It can be increased by riding at mixed speeds.

Manta: Over 2 ½ h.

What is the top speed?

Carver and Manta are designed to enjoy two different ways in the water. Therefore, each model has its own maximum speed.

Carver: 30-35km/h (19-21 mph) with a 75-80 kg (165-175lbs) user on flat water.

Manta: 8-10km/h (5-6 mph).

How long does it take to charge?

The batteries can be charged on a conventional outlet in around 120 minutes.

Can you use the same battery for both models?

Absolutely, you can easily interchange the batteries and use the same one for the Carver or the Manta.

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