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Terms: EXW

Delivery: 3 months (aprox.) – October 2017

Payment Options:

* We will provide a shipping calculation to the shipping country when placing the order.

* The shipping calculation is for 1 Pack only, for every additional battery a surcharge will be applied.

Payment Method:

Credit Card

Bank Wire


More details:

1 Year Warranty (Only for EU customers).

All sales are final. Once the order is placed, the customer won’t be able to cancel or ask for a refund.


*Customs taxes are responsibility of the buyer.

*The shipping & handling will be calculated and paid before the shipping of the products to assure best quote possible. We will provide an estimate at the time of placing the order.

*A slight delivery delay may occur if production/logistics unexpected delays happen.



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We are currently only accepting orders on the web. In a few months we will publish the list of official distributors that will sell our boards and accessories with full guarantee in their stores. Please do not accept any other selling forms!


In Onean we also provide all the accessories that you will need to perform this sport. We will also offer spares.

  • Wristband

    Coming soon
  • Handle

    Coming soon
  • Qi Charger

    Coming soon
  • Additional Battery

    Product details
  • Battery Charger

    Coming soon
  • Wide Footstrap Set

    Coming soon
  • Leash + Security key

    Coming soon
  • Fin Set

    Coming soon

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