El modelo Twin incluye un nuevo trigger o gatillo desarrollado para un control de presión óptimo.

Recambios originales Onean

Los mejores accesorios y recambios para tu Twin diseñados por Onean. Impellers, Stator/nozzle, handle, baterías, herramientas…

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Onean Twin Jetboard Eléctrico


Incluido en la caja:

  • 1 Tabla Twin
  • 1 Mando inalámbrico
  • 1 Batería
  • 1 Cargador
  • 1 Cargador mando inalámbrico
  • 1 Juego de quillas
  • 2 Footstraps
  • 1 Leash
  • 1 Bolsa de transporte
  • 1 Bolsa de seguridad para baterías
  • 1 Stator/Nozzle
  • 1 Impeller
  • 1 Asa
  • 1 Kit de herramientas
  • 1 Trigger/Gatillo


Especificaciones técnicas

Largo 240 cm/7’8″
Ancho 70 cm/24.5″
Volumen 150 L
Peso sin batería 20 kg / 35 lbs
Potencia 5000 W
Velocidad máxima Alrededor de 30 km/h con un rider de 75 kg
Tiempo de carga 2,5h

*Los precios no incluyen IVA.



El modelo Twin de dos turbinas. No incluye batería, cargador, ni ningún accesorio. Comprar


Opiniones de clientes

  • Martin

    I loved it.

    Yesterday I surfed Lake Tahoe in California and it was epic.

  • Forscbach, J.

    We are having a lot of fun!

    I´m around 100 kg and the Onean X works perfect for me. I tested some other boards but the power of the two jets of the X is great.

  • Brooks, W


    This board is really amazing. It exceeded all my expectations by millions of times. The Onean X is a great board, beautiful board.

  • Klonouski, R

    100% approved.

    I rent the board Onean X in my shop and every people who tries loves it, even those who weight 110 kg.

  • Sailing Tellus

    I love it

    I think this board is a must have when you are travelling, specialy in places like Corseca. Affordable and doesn´t need a lot of maintenance.

  • Vaugeois, C

    Great product!

  • Bolton, J.


    I am very happy with the board.

  • Mackey, R

    I´m really enjoying my jetboard!

  • Gallego, F

    Thanks Onean

    I received my jetboard in July and its fantastic, I am impressed.

  • Von Wolfhem, D.

    Best costumer service

    They always answer within 24 hours. The product also is great