Jetboarding for dummies – How to start jetsurfing

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The best part of jetsurfing is that you do not need to have previous experience in any watersport. Some will think that you need to at least have little knowledge about how to ride a surfboard, but that is far from reality. Jetboarding is suitable for everyone regardless of their surfing experience. In this post we will be giving some advice on how to ride a jetboard for the first time. You will also find these steps explained in the video above.

Before gettin in water

Check that you are wearing all the protections and accesories provided (leash below your knee, controller in your wrist, etc.) If you fall from the board, which will happen, wearing the leash attached to your leg will avoid hitting someone with the board or losing it. Wearing the controller is something major as the board will not function without it.

How to jetboarding

Secondly, check whether the safety magnet is properly placed. If not, the board will not turn on. This magnet is attached to your leash and is the key to avoid losing the board’s control when you fall from it. Taking the magnet out will stop the turbines immediately and the board will turn off.

Start jetboarding

Once you have done the check list, you can get on the board on your knees and start speeding up. If you move your body to the left and right, you will be able to turn easily. Remember, no movement no turning, so make sure that you veer as the board is moving, otherwise it wont work.

After this, you can try to stand up on your feet. It is important to try and line your weight to the front, so the board does not lift and makes you fall backwards.

Keep trying to stand up and you will be able to ride and enjoy your new board in no tim

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