What is the price for a reliable jetboard?


We always try to leverage our investments in the best possible way. Nobody wants to pay more for something than what is actually worth. There will always be people willing to pay a higher price for an exclusive, state-of-the-art product. Other customers are in constant seek for the best quality/price ratio. And finally, those who only want to buy the cheapest product possible.

Regarding the jetboard industry, you probably already know what prices each brand offers. And, certainly, there is a huge difference in some cases. Is there a significant difference from a 3.000 € jetboard to 12.000 € one? And to a 19.000 € one?  is it worth it paying more? And less? Which should be the minimum price of a jetboard? Definitively, you get what you pay for. In this post we will try to define the minimum price for a reliable jetboard, and mention which are the things/benefits you are paying for when you buy an electric surfboard.

Key elements which define the electric jetboard price

The jetboard

The price you pay for an electric surfboard is mainly defined by the board itself. The inherent costs of manufacturing a jetboard will proportionately vary depending on the construction materials used on the hull, turbine, and shape.

Carbon fibre construction jetboards will always be more expensive than those made out of EPS. Manufacturing an EPS board is relatively easy, and very used in the surf and windsurf industry due to its performance, resistance and repairability. Carbon fiber jetboards, on the other hand, need a more sophisticated and delicate manufacturing process that raises the price of the hull. Note that there is not only one type of carbon fiber material. As many things, there are lots of types of qualities, resistances, and weights. So be careful, carbon fiber does not always mean “good quality”.

Have a look into the jet. Is it replaceable? Is it easily serviceable? What is its performance like? Make sure the turbine is powerful enough for carrying a rider of your weight to full planing. Check the efficiency of the turbine by comparing the maximum speed and ride time of the jetboard with an 80 kg rider. Onean offers 23 minutes of riding time (40 minutes at mixed speeds) at full power and a maximum speed of 45 km/h with the Carver X and 30 km/h with the Carver Twin with an 80 kg rider.

Designing a good shape for a jetboard takes time and lots of developments. As you know, it is not just putting a motor to a hull. Jetboards are heavy and need a special shape to reach planning and turn. You may come across some jetboards  that do not reach planing due to its shape, and others reach planing but are impossible to turn. This is also something that is indirectly included in the price. A well optimized and developed shape will let you achieve higher speeds, doing sharper turns and consequently, having more fun.


High-power batteries are essential for electric jetboards since water puts up an extremely high resistance to the movement of the board. Each battery contains a significant number of cells inside its housing, where the energy is stored. In order to guarantee the proper management of the energy and provide security to the integrity of the pack, all batteries must have a BMS (Battery Management System).

All the components of the battery must be sealed in a watertight housing. This is a key factor since jetboard batteries are used in water environments, waterproof is not enough. And, how can the water tightness of the batteries be checked? Really easy, with the IP certification Code, which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electric enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water, etc.  Onean batteries, for instance, have IP68 Certification, which means that there is a complete protection against dust and that are completely watertight in a 1,5m depth up to35 minutes. IP68 is one of the highest certifications regarding to water tightness.


Paying a jetboard takes only a few minutes. You won´t find any obstacles from the manufacturer. Having the board delivered as fast as you paid, it´s another story. The usual delivery time for an electric jetboard tends to be over 4 weeks, and depending on the manufacturer, even longer. This is because many brands start producing units once the orders are completed. Onean, for instance, commits to deliver within 5-7 days after the payment is completed. Onean always has stock of jetboards, batteries and accessories in order to guarantee a fast and agile delivery to the customers and retailers worldwide. Where a choice is possible, everybody wants to enjoy their new board as soon as possible.


Assistance is a service which is also included indirectly in the price. Accidents, wear and tear, and factory defects are things that could simply happen. We all want to have a personalized attention and resolving the incidents quickly. For those instances, it is really important to have a dedicated support team which is in constant contact with customers, manages support tickets, arranges fast pick-ups and has everything under control.


No small print. All products manufactured in the European Union have a 2-year warranty, jetboards included. Under this period, the manufacturer supports all the shipping costs and repairs costs from manufacture failures. The warranty period may vary in countries out the European Union.

Let us be honest, it´s quite difficult giving a 2-year warranty period on cheap jetboards. Cheap products are made out of poor materials, and usually do not last, we all know this. Even if covered by warranty when something stops working, defective parts will be replaced with other parts made with the same poor materials. Great quality materials last much more, and even the cost of the materials is reflected on a final higher price of the product.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

Distributor and dealer network

Purchasing an electric surfboard through your nearest dealer instead of purchasing it online is an advantage when paying such sum of money. Dealers give you the choice of having a closer look to the product, touching, and even trying it. There is nothing like personalized attention. Even more, think about doing the service or managing the warranty of your jetboard. There is no need of sending the jetboard to the manufacturer headquarters. You will save money and time. It goes without saying that dealers give an extra value and ease the contact between the customers and brand.


Reputation in the market, years of experience, Know-how.

Manufacturing an electric surfboard is a huge challenge. It takes time developing a good functional prototype, and even more industrializing it. This is probably the hardest thing of all, putting on the market a secure, reliable, good-quality and efficient jetboard. The more time a brand is on the market the more it improves its products. Constant developments and customer feedbacks help identifying key points in order to make even greater products. This is a crucial aspect; 1st generation products are more likely always going to give problems.

So, which is the price for a reliable powered jetboard?

As seen, you are buying something more than the jetboard itself when you purchase an electric surfboard; delivery, after-sales, warranty, dealer network, know-how… Up to now, in such a young industry, we find it quite difficult to purchase a reliable jetboard for less than 5.000€. However, be aware, price is not the only indicator that evaluates the quality of a product. As we said before, it is extremely important to check other indicators, such as the units sold by a brand, years on the market, reviews, etc…

3 thoughts on “What is the price for a reliable jetboard?

  1. christian.chatry says:

    thank you for this note very clear et right ! and as said my grand father ‘the price is forgeten but the quality remains!
    Just one question, I live in Toulouse, (at the end not so far from bilbao) so do you recomend to go througth a resellers or buy directly to your head quater in bilbao ?
    I will use it near Narbonne and the first resellers is quite far so for me seems very similar but I want to know to mind
    Thank you and have fun
    christian Chatry

  2. Elisa Needler says:

    Your best beginner surfboard will have all the right flex to handle this type of riding and a wide nose with enough tail to keep you hanging in without dipping too far in or out. Many surf shops carry beginner surfboards with these types of flex and a wide “bay” to offer lots of options for surfing.

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