Speed Tests (November 2015)


You asked for it, and we have it!  Over the last few weeks we have been testing the speed on the Carver and we can finally share our conclusions with all of you.

Speed Test Carver Nov 2015


Ready, steady… here we go!

As we have already been sharing with all of you in most of the inquiries, there are many factors that come into play when talking about speed over the water surface. The weight of the rider and water surface conditions are crucial to determine these values.


On our last series of tests we have reached around 40 km/h (25mph) in optimal conditions.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: Speed in optimal conditions (flat water and no wind) with an 80kg (175lbs) rider.

With the same rider and choppy waters the speed decreases to around 35km/h (22mph).

Stay tuned to our social networks because we will be uploading new images and videos!

*Technical or price changes are possible.

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