Talk talk talk about us

This summer has been full of surprises… good ones. It was late July when we launched Onean as an independent brand (since we han been talking to the world as Aquila), and what a great welcome response we collected from customers and media…

Our new Facebook fanpage received thousands of likes, comments and shares in a couple of weeks. Right now we are more than 4.000 Likes and going up! (Please follow us if you are not doing it already  😉 ).

Moreover several top blogs outlined our boards praising the design, idea and brand project. We felt so overwhelmed…!!!

You can check it out right here:   THE INERTIADEZEEN

And what can you tell us about our mentions in BBC and DAILY MAIL??? We can assure you we almost fell off our chairs in the office when we found out.

Onean in media

These posts, news and recommendation might be the reason for you to be reading this… and so we are so grateful. We will keep on working on this, you can be sure!

Let the World keep talking about Onean…

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