Top 8 places to go jetsurfing in Europe

Okay, so you finally got or are already thinking on getting a jetboard, but… where should you use it?

Summer is here and you may be planning your next trip, but you want something different and involving water. Don’t worry we’ve got you. In this post we are going to review 8 European places to visit with your board and take the most advantage of it.

    1. Canary Islands – Spain: One of the most remarkable aspects of tourism in Spain is its glorious weather. Having nice sunny and warm weather the whole year round makes the Canary Islands the perfect place to try a jetboard without the need of using a wetsuit. If you don’t have a board or can’t take it with you for such a long trip, just around the corner is Jetsurf Fuerteventura where they’ll rent you a board for a life changing experience.
    2. Cadiz – Spain: Going a little bit further up, we find the location of Cadiz, owning long-wide ports that will allow you to cross the city on a jetboard and enter the ocean in just a couple of minutes. Jetboard limited is a dealer/rental station located in the town of Sotogrande where you’ll have the opportunity of carving through the beautiful architecture of Andalucía.

    1. Mallorca – Spain: One of the most popular destinations for foreigners is without a doubt the Mediterranean coast of Mallorca. Located on an island near the coast of Barcelona and Valencia, Mallorca has several pleasant beaches for every kind of taste. Jetsurf Eco Mallorca is a reliable dealer/rental station where you’ll be able to discover the pleasures of Mallorca’s nature.

    1. Costa Esmeralda – Sardinia: Experience the Italian dream, eat a pizza and enjoy a ride on the glassy and transparent waters of Sardinia. You’ve got two options depending on whether you’re heading to the north or south of the country. Sardinia Luxury Toys is based in the town of Carloforte at the south of the island. On the other side, Costa Esmeralda Luxury Toys is located in Porto Cervo at the north.
    2. Savines Le Lac – France: Located near the Alpes, Savines Le Lac is a town surrounded by water and mountains. It doesn’t matter if you’re more a mountain or a beach person, in this location, you name it! Furthermore, the dealer/rental station E-surfer, is placed in this beautiful town, where you’ll be able to jetsurf in its spectacular lake. It seems like the perfect place to enjoy summer season, don’t you think?
    3.  Poland: Whether you’re visiting the north or the south of the country you’ll always have an option to go jetboarding. Jetsurfing polska is in Cholerzyn (south) and Chalupy (north) offering the experience of jetboarding around astonishing landscapes. Jetboarding here is a must.

  1. Bromma – Sweden: Welcome to a city surrounded by water. Lakes, rivers, nature reserve parks next to a castle… this city has it all. Perfect for a ride on our powered engine board. This city holds also the Electrosurf AB rental station located on the east of the city next to a lake, perfect for a trial.
  2. Neustadt in Holstein – Germany: Nautic yachting is based in this small town near the coast where you’ll be able to get a jetboard and try it on German waters. Doesn’t matter if it is a lake or the sea itself, because jetboards are reliable in every water condition.

So where are you heading next?

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