What to look for on an electric jetboard

Jetboards have appeared in our lives and are here to stay, period. Nowadays, more and more jetboard models are launched into the market, which makes it more difficult for beginners to choose their first board. In this post we are going to review the key aspects that you must look for on the jetboards market to help you choose the right one for you. Let’s start.

Purpose: The most important thing to check is how it is going to be mainly used. Is it going to be a family entertainment or a device for an adrenaline seeker? If you’re looking for something to enjoy calmly with your kids and family you can opt for an electric SUP board, they’re suitable for every age range as they don’t reach high speeds, while if you’re looking for adrenaline and speed, a jetboard is what you’re looking for.

Previous experience with jetboards


Skills: you may also need to think of your previous experience with boards, don’t choose the fastest jetboard in the market if you’ve never got on top of a board, try to find an intermediate model for beginners instead. Works the other way round for senior riders.

Weight: your weight might be one of the key factors when choosing a board. Weight limits exist, so check how much the boards you are considering endure and choose the closest to your weight.

Repair: you may need to change a component of your board in case it breaks or fails, so you might end up opting for a board with interchangeable parts to ease the repair process. It’s not the same sending the whole board to the factory than just having to send the failing piece. On the other hand, you may need some accessories for your electric surfboard such as batteries or storage bags.

Purchase an original board

Price. When purchasing a jetboard, buying the cheapest is not always the best decision. Cheaper versions may be more affordable, but the quality, performance and durability will lack. Try to purchase an original board even though the price might be considerably higher. In exchange, you will have factory advice on maintenance and warranty.

To sum up, it may be difficult to choose a board for the first time, but we hope that with these brief tips you’ll see it clearer and finally enjoy your ride whatever the board you end up choosing.


One thought on “What to look for on an electric jetboard

  1. Nicolas Cuglievan says:

    Carrying 50 meters a 40 kg board in to the water, is too much efford.
    This is my objection.
    Y am a surfer who must let the sport for some problems in the shoulder. My old surfboard wheight 7 kg.
    What could you do for convince me?

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